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A Natures Balance Garden Studio is not pre-manufactured, it is not pre-designed and it will not come in flat-pack.

The key is that it will be designed for you - with you. It is bespoke and unique.

A one of a kind structure that are solid and versatile to suit your need for extra space.

With expertise in landscaping and construction, the Natures Balance Garden Studio is built to merge with your existing landscape or as part of your new landscaping requirements – a seamless transition from landscape to garden studio.

Using a mixture of new materials and reclaimed wood and other recycled elements, such as iron and steel, at Natures Balance we pride ourselves on low environmental impact. It is these recycled materials that help create a truly unique design, as no two weathered hardwood posts are ever the same.

Every step of the Garden Studio design process is carefully evaluated with experts as required, to ensure sound building structure and foundations.


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garden studio

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garden studio

garden studio with spa pool

The design process of your bespoke and unique garden studio includes 3D concept drawings of ideas.

garden studios

Seeing each step in the process in a 3D graphic brings the design and concept to life. Changes are inevitable and with the concept drawings of your garden studio Natures Balance works with you to achieve your dream garden building and space.











































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garden studio

Planning permissions

Most garden buildings can be constructed without the need for planning permission. Your garden room is considered ‘permitted’ development if they comply with a set of criteria:

It is not permitted to exceed the principal elevation of the original house.

It is not allowed to exceed 50% of the total area of land around the original house. Sheds and all other structures, including extensions, must be included in this 50%.

It must not be used as a self-contained or permanent living accommodation. It must be for ‘incidental’ use i.e. an office space, artist studio, gym, children’s play room etc.

It must be single storey. If the building is more than 2m from the boundary the maximum eaves height is 2.5 metres and a maximum overall height of 4 metres, with a dual pitch roof, or 3 metres for a flat roof.

If the building is within 2 metres of the boundary the whole building should not exceed 2.5 metres in height.

Natures Balance offers a full planning service dealing with all issues surrounding the planning of your new space.


Building Regulations do not apply if:

The internal area is less than 15m2

If the Internal area is less than 30m2 and is not within 1 metre of the boundary


Building Regulations do apply if:

If it is self-contained or a living accommodation

If you require a toilet, shower or basin

If the building is 30m2 or over

If building regulations apply to your building, Natures Balance can arrange this for you.